ANZ - 2021 Annual Report

$6.2 B Cash profit1 81 % employee engagement 1. On a cash profit (continuing operations) basis. Excludes non-core items included in statutory profit and discontinued operations and is provided to assist readers in understanding the result of the ongoing business activities of the Group. For further information on adjustments between statutory and cash profit refer to page 57. 2. Figure includes forgone revenue of $106m, the cost of providing low or fee-free accounts to a range of customers such as government benefit recipients, not-for-profit organisations, students and the elderly. International transfer fees were waived for funds sent from Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific to support communities impacted by COVID-19. 3. Equals shareholders’ equity less preference share capital, goodwill, software and other intangible assets divided by the number of ordinary shares. 4. APRA Level 2. 5. Measures representation at the Senior Manager, Executive and Senior Executive levels. Includes all employees regardless of leave status but not contractors (who are included in Full Time Equivalents (FTE)). 6. In Australia and New Zealand. 218.3 C Cash earnings per share1 35.3 % of women in leadership5 12.3 % Common equity Tier 1 Capital4 $21.95 B funded and facilitated in sustainable solutions since 2019 $21.09 Net tangible assets per share3 $1.43 B funded and facilitated to deliver more affordable, accessible and sustainable homes to buy and rent since 20206 2021 performance snapshot 9.9 % Cash return on equity1 142 C Dividend for 2021 per share $ CO 2 Supported around 151,600 customers to build a savings habit since 2020 $139.7 M in community investment2 3 ANZ 2021 Annual Report