ANZ - 2021 Annual Report

SHAREHOLDERS Governance Digital Business and Technology Committee Ethics, Environment, Social and Governance Committee Human Resources Committee Audit Committee Nomination and Board Operations Committee Risk Committee CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK BOARD OF DIRECTORS ANZ’s strong governance framework provides a solid structure for effective and responsible decision-making within the organisation. The Board is responsible for the oversight of ANZ and its sound and prudent management, with specific duties as set out in its charter available at . There are six principal Board Committees – the Audit Committee, the Ethics, Environment, Full biography details can be found on our website at and on pages 46-50 of this report. Social and Governance Committee, the Risk Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Digital Business and Technology Committee and the Nomination and Board Operations Committee. Each Committee has its own charter setting out its roles and responsibilities. At management level, the Group Executive Committee comprises ANZ’s most senior executives. There is a delegations of authority framework that clearly outlines those matters delegated to the CEO and other members of senior management. For further detail on ANZ’s governance framework see our 2021 Corporate Governance Statement available at . BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER GROUP EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Board reserved powers and delegation of authority OVERVIEW HOW WE CREATE VALUE PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW REMUNERATION REPORT DIRECTORS’ REPORT FINANCIAL REPORT SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION 40