ANZ - 2021 Annual Report

Independent Limited Assurance Report to the Directors of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Based on the evidence we obtained from the procedures performed, we are not aware of any material misstatements of the specified ESG Information in the ANZ 2021 Annual Report and ANZ 2021 Annual Review which has been prepared by ANZ in accordance with ANZ’s Basis of Reporting for the year ended 30 September 2021. CONCLUSION WHAT DID KPMG’S WORK INVOLVE – SCOPE OF WORK Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) engaged KPMG to perform a limited assurance engagement in relation to the ESG Information in the ANZ 2021 Annual Report and ANZ 2021 Annual Review. The scope of work comprised limited assurance over the material text and data claims as specified in the table below. ESG information Page 2021 performance snapshot 3 What matters most 9 Our customers 15 - 23 Becoming a fairer and more responsible bank 24 - 25 Our people 29 - 33 Our community 8, 34 - 36 Improving our approach to Human Rights 37 Our approach to climate change 38 - 39 Five year summary 72 The ANZ 2021 Annual Report and ANZ 2021 Annual Review covers ANZ’s global operations for the year ended 30 September 2021 unless otherwise indicated. WHAT WAS THE REPORTING CRITERIA USED? The ESG Information was prepared in accordance with the Management’s Basis of Reporting, which draws upon the Integrated Reporting Framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (“the criteria”). WHAT WAS THE BASIS FOR KPMG’S CONCLUSION? We conducted our work in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements ISAE 3000 (Standard). In accordance with the Standard we have: • Used our professional judgement to plan and perform the engagement to obtain limited assurance that we are not aware of any material misstatements in the ESG Information, whether due to fraud or error; • Considered relevant internal controls when designing our assurance procedures, however we do not express a conclusion on their effectiveness; and • Ensured that the engagement team possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and professional competencies. WHAT DID KPMG DO TO SUPPORT THE SCOPE OF WORK – OUR PROCEDURES Our limited assurance conclusion is based on the evidence obtained from performing the following procedures: • Enquiries of relevant management to understand ANZ’s process for determining material ESG issues; • Interviews with relevant management concerning ANZ’s ESG framework and policies for material ESG issues, and the implementation of these across the business; • Interviews with relevant staff responsible for developing the content (text and data) within the ESG Information to understand the approach for management, monitoring, collation and reporting of such information and the accuracy, completeness and existence of reported text and data; • Undertaking analytical review procedures to support the reasonableness of the data; • Identifying and testing assumptions supporting the calculations; • Comparing text and data (on a sample basis) presented to underlying sources; • Reviewing the ANZ 2021 Annual Report and ANZ 2021 Annual Review in their entirety for consistency with the ESG Information; and • Reviewing other ANZ reporting including the ESG Supplement in its entirety to ensure it is consistent with our knowledge obtained through our assurance engagement. OVERVIEW HOW WE CREATE VALUE PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW REMUNERATION REPORT DIRECTORS’ REPORT FINANCIAL REPORT SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION 252