ANZ - 2021 Annual Report

Our customers We are focused on developing the best propositions, across our platforms and in partnerships, to build the financial wellbeing of our customers. Whether those customers are buying homes, growing small businesses or, in the case of large businesses, trading internationally across our network, we want to help them to succeed. In partnership with a specialist wellbeing organisation, Benestar, we have introduced a customer support program providing free and confidential counselling to Australian based customers experiencing distress – whether it be as a result of domestic violence, mental health difficulties, bereavement or a range of other factors. The program includes up to five free counselling sessions with clinicians specialising in psychological support. If a customer requires ongoing support they may be referred to relevant community services. Further information on support available to customers experiencing financial hardship or vulnerability is in our 2021 ESG Supplement available at HIGHLIGHT WE HAVE OFFERED A RANGE OF SUPPORT MEASURES FOR CUSTOMERS IMPACTED BY COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS Home owners • Pausing loan repayments (deferrals) • Reducing repayments to the minimum repayment amount • Accessing redraw and/or offset balance • Changing repayments to interest only • Refinancing and consolidating any other debts • Applying for financial assistance. Business loans • Pausing loan repayments (deferrals) • Providing access to new loans and government support schemes • Temporary increases in overdraft facilities for 12 months • Additional support for Asset Finance, Commercial Cards, Trade and Merchants products. SUPPORTING CUSTOMERS THROUGH THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC In Australia, our approach to assisting customers financially impacted by the pandemic has been guided by our ‘Statement of Intent’ (available at ) , which we developed with key stakeholders. The Statement outlines the support measures available and our commitment to work with customers on a solution that is respectful, fair and appropriate. It is underpinned by four key principles: Protect what matters Adapt to the changing environment Engage with stakeholders Prepare for the future Financial relief measures and ongoing hardship support has been provided for home loan and business customers affected by continuing lockdowns (particularly in New South Wales and Victoria), or those still recovering from earlier lockdowns. All retail and commercial customer applications for hardship assistance are managed by our Customer Connect team. Relief measures have been offered after assessing each customer’s individual needs and the suitability of hardship assistance. Since the start of the pandemic, we have significantly increased investment in our hardship capabilities. In 2020 we mobilised employees across our branch network and operational teams to meet demand from customers seeking assistance. This cross-skilling of teams has resulted in greater flexibility across our workforce, meaning we can better match capacity to demand as hardship applications fluctuate in response to lockdowns. We have also established hardship teams in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland (in addition to our existing team in Victoria) to enhance local support for our customers and bankers. In addition, we have made it easier for customers to access support, creating a digital hardship portal that allows customers to submit their details (including financial information) online to the Customer Connect team. In New Zealand, support measures were reintroduced to help business customers through COVID-19 disruptions in late August. Short-term relief measures included waiving fees for contactless debit cards, access to temporary overdrafts and removing fees for loan restructuring. 15 ANZ 2021 Annual Report