ANZ - 2021 Annual Report

...ENABLE OUR BUSINESS ACTIVITIES... Pay dividends to our shareholders Provide wealth management products and advisory services Collaborate with partners to improve financial wellbeing and environmental sustainability Pay taxes in the countries within which we operate G O V E RN A N C E R I S K S & O U R OP P O R T U N I T I E S OUR PURPOSE How we create value VALUE DRIVERS Products and services Loans, transaction banking services, deposits and other financial products developed for our customers. Finance Access to capital through customer deposits, debt and equity investors and wholesale markets enables us to run our operations and execute our strategy. People Engaged workforce with the skills required to reinvent banking, in line with our purpose and culture. Technology, data and risk management Flexible, digital-ready infrastructure to provide great customer experience, with systems and processes that are less complex, less prone to error and more secure. Social Trusted relationships with our customers and the community are essential to our brand and reputation. Environment Use of natural resources and impact on the environment, resulting from our operations and the products and services we provide our customers. $ ¢ $ 12 OVERVIEW HOW WE CREATE VALUE PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW REMUNERATION REPORT DIRECTORS’ REPORT FINANCIAL REPORT SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION